Blue Rose Trading Company

Hi, I’m Theresa Vilardi and Blue Rose Trading Company is my company. We are a small company with very large goals. 

The Difference Starts With One:

As for me, I believe that the difference starts with one.  Yes, one person, one decision, one purchase, one step in the right direction.  The effect we have on the global environment is very important.  The decision to go green and recycle, use slave free labor and help foster a better world for my family not just for today but for tomorrow is paramount.

Recycled Clothing:

Here at Blue Rose Trading Company we sell recycled clothes. Some are gently used, some are new but all are previously owned. According to the EPA, here in the U.S., every second of every day, one truckload of clothing is being  incinerated and sent to landfills. That is 86,400 truckloads per day, a staggering total of 26 billion pounds per year! 

What Else can I do?
If you want to make an impact that will last here’s what we can do:
* Buy previously owned items whenever available
* Reuse whenever possible
* Let your favorite brands know that you’re looking for clothing from countries   who promote green, slave free labor